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Hi There;

I was just on the and saw your recipe page and was wondering why a former Campbelltonian did not have a Salmon Recipe. First of all, I'm Michel Guitard, originally from Richardsville now living in Stratford, Ontario. This recipe is very good with Atlantic Salmon which is hard to get around here so I usually treat the family to it whenever I can get down there. I would like to share it with you and I hope you get a chance to try it. You'll see what I mean after tasting it.


Description: Salmon on the B-B-Q that your mouth will water while you are making it.


  • 1 Salmon or Trout anything over 5 lbs.
  • 1 pkg of mushrooms (enough to fill cavity)
  • 1 pkg of cheese (your favorite old, cheddar, mozzarella etc.)
  • 1 bunch of green onions
  • 1 big dash of lemon juice in the cavity of the fish
  • 1 ( I didn't want to break my stride:) shake of Salt in cavity or more
  • 1 half package of bacon


If you are just taking the fish out of the freezer like I do, fill the sink with water and put the big guy in it. While it's thawing, take the green onions and chop very fine, then take the mushroom and do the same. Shred your cheese the same way and mix all the above ingredients together with your hands so you can feel what your palate is going to taste later on.

Take out your tin foil,(the wider the better) and lay it on the counter to cover the fish, then lay some bacon to cover the size of the fish. Lay the fish on the bacon and open the cavity and add the salt. Open it wide and add the lemon juice then fill with stuffing. Close the cavity the best you can or use skewers then put the last of the bacon, enough to cover the fish. Take a sharp knife and put slits through the skin on both sides to let the bacon seep through or like me, I forgot to do it on the other side, (it still taste good.) Put another piece of tin foil on top and fold all edges leaving it loose for the steam and then put it on the Bar-B. 15 minutes on each side and I guaranty you will never go wrong. At least I haven't......:-)



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