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Klaus Bower

    The Toronto Star on page A 13 - Saturday Aug.24.02 . wrote " Tory Convention a love-in for Lord".....he was praised for his sweeping speech that had many of the 1300 convention delegates on their feet.......

    Am I missing something ?

    Being a part time residence of Campbellton and soon to be retired for good and settling in nicely in New Brunswick, I have not seen that same kind of love-in by New Brunswicker's, especially who live in the in the Northern part of this Province.

    Lord has followed " Ontario Harris's lead and tried to have his own Common Sense Revolution. Harris who left a bitter and devastated Ontario behind, Schools are in disarray, healthcare is lacking in funds, hospitals closings where a daily occurrence, infrastructure crumbling, discontinuing Rent Control leaving many people homeless.

    Is that really what we want for the whole of Canada? another " Harris " whatever his or her name is? I have always been a Conservative but have not voted that way since Harris came to power, but I certainly would have a hard time voting for policies that have a " Harris " stamp and are part of the" Alliance". The Canada Winter Games are upon us....they are to be NB Games...but skiing is held in Quebec, because Lord does not want to spend the money, that might be available from the Federal Government, to install "Snow Making". This does not add up...but he will certainly take the credit for " successful games ".

    Why does Lord woo the country when he is unable to do the same at home?

    I would like other points of views, maybe I am way off base.

Thank you

Klaus Bowerkbower@sympatico.ca

**letter "as is", not edited**


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