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Mike Lushington, copy of letter sent to Telegraph Journal
Dear Sir:

    Contrary to reporter Tracy Carr's assertion that "people in Dalhousie ... don't see what the fuss is about" over NB Power's burning of Orimulsion (Telegraph-Journal, Thursday, October 17, pages D 1 and D2), many people here have complained about the process for all of seven years, and some of us have complained persistently and publicly.

    Dalhousie station manager Geoff Thomas is being less than forthright in denying that there have been complaints, as his persistent efforts to convince me and others that the problems with the Dalhousie plant will be corrected will attest.His implication, which is echoed by Bob Hickey, president of the Dalhousie Economic Development Committee, that things are better now than they were before the plant was converted to Orimulsion, is correct but misleading. Better is not the same as good; and both of these gentlemen should know that.

    Eileen Walsh , the coordinator of the Dalhousie Business Improvement Development Corporation, should know that, too. Further all of them should know that, in fact, there have been persistent complaints over the past few years over the Dalhousie plant's performance. I would hardly expect Mr. Thomas to acknowledge the protest publicly, but Mr. Hickey and Ms. Walsh are both unfair and misleading in denying the existence of the complaints.

    I, for one, have been on public record on numerous occasions on this topic. I do not speak only for myself; these people should know that - and so should your reported. Mr. or Ms Carr would do well to relearn a fundamental principle of journalism: do your homework thoroughly!

    Yours sincerely,

Mike Lushington, Dalhousie


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