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Dorothy Rauchwerk

Dear Editor

I am single, a grandmother and trying to make ends meet on a small disability pension.

I own a small piece of land in Glen Levit. The Restigouche Snowmobile Club has received my permission to run a trail across my property. The club only insures against accident/injury to snowmobilers during the season. This makes sense, as they donít use it any other time.

Other people seem to think that they have the right to use my property all year round. I do not object to reasonable use of this trail as I used to enjoy walking it myself.

I cannot afford insurance for my house let alone coverage in case someone gets hurt on my property.

The Snowmobile club was kind enough to make two signs for me to protect me from being sued if anyone gets hurt. These signs are in both French and English, and say: PRIVATE PROPERTY, CROSS AT YOUR OWN RISK, and STAY ON THE TRAIL. They are placed on my property, in full view of the trail, facing away from my property at the two points at which the trail crosses my property line.

Several times over the years I have had to stand these signs up again after someone chose to knock them over. For the past 2 summers (2000 & 2001) there have been no problems at all. This year, not satisfied with knocking the signs down, someone has chosen to destroy the sign that cannot be seen from the house. This sign was broken just before the long weekend. I stood it up and fixed it as best I could. Two days ago I made sure it was all right and cleared some branches from in front of it to be sure it wasnít blocked from view. Today I found it smashed.

If I could afford it, I would be tempted to have a fence built to block access all summer. I have been told that if I do this, the vandalism will get worse. The way the children on ATVís race through, it is dangerous for me to work anywhere along the trail. At the same time I hate to deny reasonable people the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful area. These signs do not hurt anyone or refuse access. They are there for my protection only.

So I ask, WHY??
Dorothy Rauchwerk
Glen Levit,


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