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Nice Lighting

    Lights on the bridge a dream come true

    Many stories swirl about how J. C. Van Horne, MP convinced bureaucrats in Ottawa to finally make the dream of a long promised bridge connecting New Brunswick with Quebec.

    After all these years (over 40 believe it or not) another dimension has revealed itself on this mighty impressive structure -- the lights!!

    The photo on the Restigouche Net pages has given life and new meaning to the structure. Unfortunately many of Campbellton area's older population, who were so excited about the arrival of the bridge, did not get a chance to see how much more impressive the bridge is "after dark" -- in particular I immediately think of James Alexander who proudly called the bridge by the name it now known. I remember Mr. Alexander having one of his vehicle's painted and tagged J.C.Van Horne Bridge even though it was called the "inter-provincial" bridge. How lame the politicians of the day were!!!

    Oh yes there were 'platform' lights but those only lit the travelling lane. More often than nought only a portion of the lights worked but all this effect gave was a 'flat line' across the span. These new lights make such a strong statement defining the bridge's shape for many miles up and down the mighty Restigouche River.

    Looking at the "concept" picture of June, 2002 (also on the great Picture of the Day section of Restigouche Net) and comparing it what is actually lit (in actual news section of this same website), the final outcome will be really impressive!! I just hope the lights can remain a 'permanent' fixture so former residents, visitors can all get to see the startling affect. With 'Sammy' glistening just a short distance away and the new lighting, I can guarantee visitors will be taking mega pictures of this beauty for years to come and extolling this beautiful scene in a magnificent location to all who will listen.

    I hope the residents of the area truly appreciate the picturesque view of such a beautiful bridge in "their backyard"!! I also hope every avenue will be explored to keep these new additions running (solar energy) far into the future, announcing to the world, that you have this but it only connects to much more beauty and opportunity at each end!!

    Tom Wright


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