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By Klaus Bower

    The people of New Brunswick gave Lord a good licking. To bad they did not kick him out completely. If it were not for him doing so many things for Moncton he would have lost there also. What did he ever do for the north? Pittance!

    1) Canada Winter Games- he refused to let us have Snow Making at Sugarloaf. Had the games been held in Moncton he would have personally built a mountain.

    2) Roads - the south get the new roads and the north gets potholes. The bypass by Dawsonville is finished but he refuses to spend the money for the exit and entrance to the new road. He can apply Federal Money to complete this stretch but.......

    3) Dube did not do enough for this area so he lost by a large margin. This was more then a protest vote. He was asleep at the controls.

    4) I hope Beaudreau speaks up for the north and gives Lord hell. This 2 tier government South # 1 and North # 2 has to stop. Fredericton must deal with equality.

    I applaud the people of Campbellton that voted for the Liberal. Myself , soon to be retired and living in Campbellton looking forward to a prosperous City & Restigouche County.

Thank you,

de Basché Exclusives

Klaus Bower



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