Letters to the WebWeaver!

Please let us know how you feel about our site or any subject that pertains to the Restigouche. Give us your comments, suggestions, ideas on what could be added to the site.

Please sign your name and where you are from, but if you do not want your name shown, let me know and I will not included it on-line but you must send it to me in the letter.

Tom Wright


As a former Campbelltonian and regular surfer, I once again have to express my appreciation for the information found on the Restigouche Net website. These pages are very informative to those of us who have moved from that grand little city.

Just a thought!!

Recently I found on your site an "Obituary" section. I must say this is a great link in keeping us up-to-date on former friends and acquaintance's passing in a timely manner. One of Moncton's Funeral homes provides an electronic signature/condolence book service. Maybe Restigouche.Net could negotiate with Maher's Funeral Homes an internet 'link' directly to them where those of us "living away" could send a timely note to the family. What better way for us to express our sympathies??

Pictures of Restigouche County are phenomenal!! The Gallery's daily offering of current and past scenes are so enjoyable bringing back memories and creating new ones. You and your colleagues create well composed photos that "says it all" about the fine scenery of the Restigouche. In this day of digital cameras, it would be grand to see a 360 view from the Sugarloaf and Mt. St. Joseph, Quebec -- what a large area of Restigouche County to be viewed from those vantage points. Keep it up!!

Surfers to your site have a terrific page to submit old pictures with unidentified persons in the hopes somebody can positively identify these people. Restigouche.Net has given former residents the opportunity to stay acquainted with their area of birth. Thanks for that capability!!

With the Winter Games only months away, I hope to see your pages featuring stories that are not regularly covered by the media. Volunteers, community efforts, and such items will really bring the 'real' North Shore to life. The games will cover themselves but it is the "side-bars" that make the situation real.

Tom Wright, Moncton


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