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Comments & Criticism
By Andrew Barthe

    Don't you ever have anything nice to say or show about Dalhousie? Why do you always have to put such "nice" remarks on the pictures of town? "Beauty and the Beast"? If it wasn't for the "Beast" we would be living like they were in the Eastern States and Ontario. What about two winters ago when you posted the mess that the people left on the ice at the Dalhousie Marina? I'm suprised you haven't posted the unfinished section on the rink, or the roads (also known as Canada Games Drive) leading up to the two high schools here in town. Maybe you didn't know about them.

    I'm sure I can head to Campbellton and take some pictures like the ones you seem to always put on the site about Dalhousie. But I know you, Oh High and Alighty Irene! You would never put them up.

    How many pictures do we need to see of the Van Horne Bridge lit up at night? Yes it's nice, but how often do you need to put it in the Picture of the Day?

    What about the comments you made about the National Anthem sung by Linda Wedge at the closing ceremonies of the Canada Games? There are numerous others that I won't get

    I now look back on it and regret having anything to do with the creation of this site. It may not have been much but I did help.

    Andrew Barthe

**Editor's Note**
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. As for helping with the site, if taking some English text and placing it in Altavista to get it translated (and we all know what that does to translation) over a year after the site was created, is helping, then yes you 'helped'. Creation of the site? in your dreams.


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