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By Tom Wright

    As the weeks go by the picture album continues to grow with some fantastically impressive views of Restigouche County; all the contributors deserve hearty praise for their efforts. Keep the cameras clicking.

    I really enjoyed the 'editorial comment' attached to Mr. Barthe's letter. The titling of each photo is great; what his problem seems to be is he cannot 'visualize' scenes. Each scene should almost tell a story unto itself; what the viewer wants to see is what he/she sees in life (either the glass is half full or it is half empty). To get 'warped' over a title...............!!!

    There are always going to be detractors Irene; please don't change because of these few negative people. These pages are highly interesting and informative and the Photo Gallery tells more about Restigouche County than all the 'alphabet soup' text can describe!!

    Tom Wright Riverview, NB

Editor's Note

Thanks Mr. Wright, no worry, I'm too old to change :)


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