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Hello to everyone back home !

By Tom Wright

        Listening to CBC Radio (Friday, Jan. 16) on the program “C’est La Vie” the topic was in relation to a young Palaeontologist, Richard Cloutier, find of a 409 Million year old shark fossil (that is correct folks 409 million) along the waterfront at C’ton.

        When this scientist was asked “where would have Campbellton position geographically on the globe?” Mr. Cloutier responded “very near the equator”. How ironic considering New Brunswick was just beginning to escape the ‘deep’ freeze that enveloped the region for the past week!!!

        I wonder just what other archaeological discoveries await scientists along the Restigouche!!! Could this area turn out to another similar to the “bad lands of Alberta” (Drummheller area). Might just be the ‘draw’ for another tourism attraction and further scientific research!!



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