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Terry Coulombe

Unhappy with Terrible Aliant Service?

        I have been a long time subscriber to both Aliant Telephone and Internet Services, and have FINALLY lost my patience with them.

        I am extremely fed up with having to wait 40-50 minutes in their telephone queues for Residential Customer Services and after having had enough I call the Business Services only to have them answer on the second ring but state they cannot help as they have to be available for "Business Customers", am I not Business to them???

        I am fed up with them scheduling an appointment for a Tech to come to my place only to hear them say they will be at my Home between the hours of 8am and 5pm, only to wait all day for them and they don't even Show up..this happened TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!

        I even went to the Extreme of calling Mr. Gillis, Customer Service Manager for the Dalhousie / Campbellton area, and guess what, as I am writing this letter he still has not returned my call.

        With my Ultra High Speed Internet Service ( this is what Aliant refers to it as. HaHaHa!) I am supposed to receive between 3.0 Mega Bits per Second (Mbs) and 5.0 Mbs. In November and December of 2005 I was getting download rates of 4.5Mbs - 4.6 Mbs, and here for the first three weeks of January 2006, I noticed my speeds have dropped to 2.5Mbs, for which I say, I am not receiving the Service I am paying for.

        After contacting Customer Services 2+ weeks ago, They had scheduled a Tech to come to my place on Monday 30/01/2006 between the hours of 8am and 5pm. I waited and waited and waited, only to receive a call from the Tech stating that he had done some tweaking at their Switching station and the problem should be resolved. Guess what?...It was not!. I again called Customer Services, and after a 45 min wait on hold I voiced my displeasure with their Agent, only to be told that he understands and states that the download speeds I am receiving are not sufficient. He again schedules a Tech to come to my place on 31/01/2006, and I again like the gullible idiot I am, wait all day for him not to show up. I receive a call today 01/02/2006 at 9:39 to be advised that the problem was found and corrected and that I should be back up to my previous speeds..and again they are WRONG. Yes, I am getting speeds of 3.0 today..but this is still certainly SHY of the 4.5 avg I was getting previously.

        I have sent an email to Aliant stating my displeasure with them and advised them I will be writing you, the Editor of my Local Paper a letter to this effect. Please see attached.

        What I would like to do is offer my email address to those that are frustrated with Aliant for POOR OVERPRICED service to contact me, and I will in turn bring this to the attention of Aliant, and if we go unheard, I will contact Rogers and petition them to have High Speed Cable Internet access available to us in Northern New Brunswick.

Terry Coulombe
Dalhousie NB


(Copy of the letter sent to Aliant)

        "Firstly let me voice my displeasure in trying to contact Internet Customer Service for Residential Customers. After waiting 40-50min in queue at the help Desk to finally give up and hang up is Ridiculous! I was getting Speeds of 4.6 - 4.8 Mbs with my Ultra HS internet just weeks ago. Lately it dropped to 2.5 Mbs, and after numerous calls, emails and complaints, I see that I am now around 3.0 Mbs, and you at Aliant, you will say I am getting what I pay for. Well, If you were able to offer me speeds of 4.5 before WHY cant you now??? I will be writing a letter to the editor of my Local Paper asking for all people who have had similar success in dealing with Aliant to come forward, and I will start a petition to have Rogers Cable installed in Dalhousie. Once this occurs, I will certainly be taking my business to them, as well as to Telus for my Cell Phone, and getting rid of my home phone all together."


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