I have copied the old guestbook here in case anyone has time to read the entries or is looking for an old Restigouche friend. If you do not find a friend's email on here and wish to contact them pls send me an email at snobunting@hotmail.com and I'll see if I can make the connection for you.

J'ai copié les signatures du vieux livre de visiteurs ici, s'il y a un.e ami.e que vous voulez entrer en contact avec et que le courriel n'est pas indiqué ici, svp me contacter au courriel suivant. snobunting@hotmail.com

7/6/05 @ 10:21:39 A.M.
Name: donald bolton
Comment: my first time here and it's a cool site!restiguche is being represented well. good job!i'll return often,salut!
Email Me donnie78@hotmail.com

7/3/05 @ 7:17:08 P.M.
Name: John LeBlanc
Comment: Great we site!!! I happy to see that people who are away still miss our little neck of the woods. Keep up the great work on the web site. And for all of you who are away, come home soon!!!
Email Me spikele@nbnet.nb.ca

7/1/05 @ 09:24:03 A.M.
Name: Dan Gray
Comment: Hi everyone and a HAPPY CANADA DAY to all present and former C'tonions. Keep up the good work Irene
Email Me dieseldan46@hotmail.com

6/22/05 @ 12:19:15 P.M.
Name: Lynn Richard
Comment: I love seeing all the pictures from Campbellton, my hometown. Makes me homesick.
Email Me chayvlou@nbnet.nb.ca

6/17/05 @ 3:34:28 P.M.
Name: Bob Dunphy
Comment: Hi Irene
Glad that the site is remaining clean so far
Email Me dunphyb@telusplanet.net

6/16/05 @ 03:02:34 A.M.
Name: Jean Guy Blaquiere
Comment: Nice site ,love the information,i have updates for your ice run.Keep up the good work
Email Me shamoo@nbnet.nb.ca

6/13/05 @ 10:00:03 P.M.
Name: Allan Dickson
Comment: I have an interesting copy of a writing about the day after the Campbellton fire by a lady who lived here the day of the fire. If you are interested, please advise.
Email Me alshirth@nb.sympatico.ca

6/5/05 @ 11:26:17 P.M.
Name: suzanne savoie
Comment: (no comment)
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6/1/05 @ 09:28:04 A.M.
Name: Brenda Harris
Comment: Irene
Love the your site. It especially like the photo of the day site. What a great way for prople to touch base. Keep up the good work
Brenda Harris
Email Me bc.harris@sympatico.ca

5/21/05 @ 4:08:08 P.M.
Name: Georgina Day -Francoeur
Comment: Left Campbellton in 1966 for Toronto, vacation every year. Now retired hope to go back the perfect place to live. My dad was the captain of the ferry boat Romeo & Juliette which I have beautiful memories. Irene - THANK YOU -GREAT JOB
Email Me lfrancoe@sympatico.ca

5/21/05 @ 09:48:38 A.M.
Name: Leslie Ferguson
Comment: Great site....glad I found it!
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5/17/05 @ 10:00:25 P.M.
Name: Roger Metallic
Comment: HiIrene
Just found your site. Great!
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5/17/05 @ 7:40:55 P.M.
Name: Shirley Roy
Comment: Enjoy this site very much . I go on it at least once a week . Irene keep up the good work
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3/27/04 @ 4:43:47 P.M.
Name: Aline Doiron Lapointe
Comment: Je trouve ce site tres beau. Je suis originaire d'Atholville mais depuis 27 ans je vie a Nackawic NB. Quant le livre de la 2ieme guerre sera pres j'aimerai le savoir. Continue c'est beau
Email Me miniel@nbnet.nb.ca

3/27/04 @ 07:52:58 A.M.
Name: Huguette Allard
Comment: Ancienne résidente de Campbellton, demeurant à Québec depuis 6 ans. J'apprécie beaucoup recevoir des nouvelles de chez-nous. N"B" will always be home.
Email Me gilhug@videotron.ca

11/30/03 @ 1:48:16 P.M.
Name: helenforest
Comment: I left Charlo in 1970 always liked your web site ,I'll keep looking it up. Great, keep up the good work , THANKS Helen
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11/30/03 @ 08:54:31 A.M.
Name: Kimberley(Doiron)Miller
Comment: Loved to find this site, very interesting being so far away from home. (Australia)
Email Me miller@gateway.net.au

11/28/03 @ 7:02:40 P.M.
Name: Charles (Wes) Hamilton
Comment: Good site....good photography.
Dr John Hamilton delivered me into this world 1928.
Lake Worth Florida
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11/15/03 @ 7:50:51 P.M.
Name: wendy bulmer mann
Comment: very interesting
wendy mann

10/29/03 @ 3:22:03 P.M.
Name: Raymond (Junior)
Comment: Thank you for this nice web site, I Live in Massachusettes, & I Left Northern N B in 97 , but still visit a couple times a year, its nice to read about whats going on
Email Me micmacjr@charter.net

10/27/03 @ 4:21:17 P.M.
Name: Michael Charlong
Comment: Irene.
Your site gets better every time I visit. Keep up the good work.
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10/26/03 @ 3:46:26 P.M.
Name: Cécile Goulette
Comment: Bravo pour le beau travail on y trouve de tout.
Email Me cgar@nbnet.nb.ca

10/16/03 @ 5:50:44 P.M.
Name: Justin
Comment: I agree with you Raymond.We're lucky to have Irene to do this stuff for us,who else would,right? Having Restigouche.Net helps too though..haha I'm sure everyone is glad that Irene has done this site for our camera club,if they aren't then they shouldn't be in the club,got it! lol But seriously though,thanks to Irene for making our camera club known through the web sites,and papers. Thanks Irene.
Email Me jjk_meister@hotmail.com

10/14/03 @ 3:56:30 P.M.
Name: Raymond Chiasson
Comment: Je termine de regarder le site du club caméra....félicitation pour ton dévouement

10/11/03 @ 2:36:55 P.M.
Name: Cindy
Comment: Good site.. well... ok site. Just wanted to say the most important section IS NOT being updated.. ) (sports) hehe thanks

10/11/03 @ 01:47:07 A.M.
Name: yvette ouellette
Comment: wilfred(fred)ouellette epoux de lydia ouellette decedé le8sept.a l"hop.reg.de campbellton a l',,age de 84 ansinhumé a vald',amour,n.b. le 11 sept.2002mourir est une bien belle chose,quand on continue a vivre dans le coeur des autres. jt t'aime p apa xx
Email Me shadow1@globetrotter.net

10/8/03 @ 3:01:46 P.M.
Name: Tom
Comment: Comment: I like this new link. Pictures are great!! Oh the colour of the North Shore!! Maybe include names in pictures if space permits.

10/8/03 @ 10:36:55 A.M.
Name: donnalee boudreau
Comment: thanks love the site
Email Me donnaleemann@hotmail.com

10/7/03 @ 12:36:33 A.M.
Name: yvette ouellette
Comment: milles merci a toute ma parenteéet au amies de campbellton et des environs pour leurparoles reconfortantes l'ors du deces de mon epoux..jean-guy ouellette milles merci du font du coeur...
Email Me shadow1@globetrotter.net

10/6/03 @ 2:04:53 P.M.
Name: paul johnson
Comment: Left Campbellton in 1970, for western canada excellent site, keep up good work phj
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10/6/03 @ 1:03:01 P.M.
Name: yvette ouellette
Comment: i miss campbellton very much i still have all my family there.wush i could be there with everyone..say hello to danielle lise guitard my friend keep up with the good work irene

10/5/03 @ 09:10:15 A.M.
Name: yvette ouellette
Comment: im from campbellton and now live in longueuil quebec i ebjoy your site its like being home its great nice to see our sam..good work x

10/5/03 @ 06:09:52 A.M.
Name: Mireille Ouellette
Comment: je me permets également de dire que je suis agréablement surprise de la qualité de votre site. Il y a plus de 24 ans que j'ai quitté Campbellton, je peux maintenant partager mon village avec mes ami(e)s de la région de Montréal. Encore une fois, toutes mes félicitations...

10/5/03 @ 06:01:40 A.M.
Name: Mireille
Comment: Félicitation pour votre excellent site. C'est bon de pouvoir partager de bons souvenirs. Native de Campbellton. Mireille & BRAVO...

9/30/03 @ 6:09:13 P.M.
Name: Cheryl Christopher Mayer
Comment: Logged on to this wonderful site some time ago on the recommendation of my brother. Left the area in '66 and have lived all over the country but still reminisce about growing up in C'ton and try to get back and visit as much as I can. Keep up the good work Irene. I know it give many more than me an opportunity to reflect and feel happy

9/22/03 @ 9:54:47 P.M.
Name: Roger Lee Martin
Comment: Great stuff, and local as well, keep up the good work. A dj from CHRG 101.7FM

9/17/03 @ 6:15:10 P.M.
Name: Betty Butler
Comment: Hi I love your site I come visit it every week this way we always know who has passed on that we knew as we moved from up that way (30)yrs ago we still visit there often nice site & thank you for allowing me to visit keep up the good work we all love it

9/16/03 @ 10:47:03 A.M.
Name: Brenda Harris
Comment: Great Site!! Visit it almost every week. Keep up the good work.

9/12/03 @ 09:45:35 A.M.
Name: Doris Aubie
Comment: This is my fist visit to this site and I am impressed. Thanks.

9/12/03 @ 08:57:22 A.M.
Name: Danny Gray
Comment: I enjoy this site and being able to read the obits. It keeps me in touch with what is happening with "home". Do keep up the good work Irene. Would like to meet U next time in town. Was able to visit with my brother Walter this pas week-end,enjoyed very much

9/4/03 @ 10:20:59 P.M.
Name: Gerry
Comment: I enjoy looking up the photo of the day,each day and reading the little bits of news.I am originally from black point N.B.Great site.

9/4/03 @ 12:46:23 P.M.
Name: Jennifer Guitard
Comment: Regarding your headline on Thursday, September 4 2003 "They can't cut it so they burn it ?", who are you referring to as "they"?

8/29/03 @ 04:44:36 A.M.
Name: Gloria Johnson
Comment: Hello,My brother Paul told me about the site.I love it,Just like going home.Keep up the good work.

7/29/03 @ 10:49:51 A.M.
Name: Rolande Audet
Comment: Encore une fois merci pour ce beau site et pour les moments merveilleux passés a revoir tous ces beaux paysages

7/24/03 @ 12:54:24 P.M.
Name: Stephanie Dancause-Cote
Comment: Ce site est tres informatif. Parfait pour une alumni de la region qui s'ennuie!

7/17/03 @ 11:30:49 A.M.
Name: Walker
Comment: Hi Irene,
I read the obits section every week to see who I know from back home who may have passed on. I am sure you get alot of "hits" on that page. Please keep up the good work.

7/8/03 @ 2:37:55 P.M.
Name: Laura Doucet
Comment: (no comment)

7/1/03 @ 07:45:24 A.M.
Name: danny gray
Comment: It was so nice to find this page for Camp. by accident now I can sort of keep in touch with the past and present tks

6/26/03 @ 7:16:02 P.M.
Name: Gail Durance (Le Tourneau)
Comment: Hi Irene
I visit the site every time I'm on the net. I haven't been to Campbellton since 1975 so I see a lot of changes. The picture of Christopher Brook brought back a lot of memories. It was my father's favourite fishing spot. And I do check the obits mostly for my mother. This how we found out that her aunt died in January and the new layout is great. Thanks for your hard work. I appreciate it.

6/25/03 @ 08:37:45 A.M.
Name: grace oakes sellick
Comment: looking for info on the oakes family from northern new brunswick

6/19/03 @ 07:47:36 A.M.
Name: Suzanne Mealey
Comment: I like the new look of the obituary section. Easier to keep track of "who/when".

6/11/03 @ 7:03:36 P.M.
Name: Faye (Gallie) Massey
Comment: A special
(thank You) for a great site to visit.
I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into it.
I would love to hear from anyone interested in (Gallie, Thomas, Martin, Craig, Wilson, Demeau. Best Regards

6/5/03 @ 10:46:45 A.M.
Name: Eddie Methot
Comment: Love the site, especially the local news and columns

6/4/03 @ 9:18:43 P.M.
Name: Janet
Comment: Irene
I ejoy your site a friend told me about a picture you had in there so I went to look and here was Nash Creek Church and I live in Benjaimn not far from there so I put the Nash Creek Church as my wall paper Thanks keep up the good work

6/4/03 @ 4:24:09 P.M.
Name: RogerMcDonald
Comment: Great site!I admire your work very much.Gives me pleasure every time.I am at the age where I read the obits.My thanks ,Irene for a job well done.Left in 75 but still have family and friends there.Athabasca,Alberta

Name: Leigh & Sue Corrigan
Comment: love coming to catch up on all that's new,keep up the good work!ettenickerson48@hotmail.com

5/24/03 @ 10:47:31 A.M.
Name: Terri Lanteigne
Comment: I love this site, keeps me updated on current events in the County. I dont live here but its nice to know whats going on. Keep up the great work!!

5/20/03 @ 11:11:13 P.M.
Name: wayne scott
Comment: previous e-mail not correct.

5/20/03 @ 10:53:28 P.M.
Name: wayne scott
Comment: like the work you people are doing, keep it up.it's a beautiful place.

5/19/03 @ 07:47:50 A.M.
Name: Keith Stewart
Comment: Your site is just great and gives a lot of pleasure to those who no longer live in the area allowing them to see a bit of home. To the guy who would shoot and stuff the white porcupine, do you realize how stupid you sound. I notice you didn't sign your name typical of your type. 5/13/03 @ 01:48:08 A.M.
Name: Jason moran
Comment: Very interresting site i enjoyed my visit..

5/6/03 @ 1:29:02 P.M.
Name: Nancy MacLean Gallie
Comment: (no comment)

5/1/03 @ 11:27:12 A.M.
Name: Bill Flann
Comment: (no comment)

4/28/03 @ 10:39:27 A.M.
Name: Shonnah Comeau
Comment: (no comment)

4/27/03 @ 11:24:19 P.M.
Name: Sharon Carrier nee Harquail
Comment: Irene, This is a wonderfdul web page for people like me and my husband that love the north shore but don't live there anymore. Origionally from Dalhousie & Eel River Crossing respectively. Now we are in the great Halifax Regional Municipality. All we can do is remember: (THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!!

4/25/03 @ 11:23:44 P.M.
Name: bev johnson
Comment: hello.iam from campbellton inow live in to i enjoy your site i check it every week i think it great almost like being home keep up the great work.

4/18/03 @ 5:14:50 P.M.
Name: John
Comment: Happy Easta Y'all !
Wicked site...

4/10/03 @ 1:42:15 P.M.
Name: Jim Nichol
Comment: I left Black Lands in 1955, it is great to have this site to "see" what is happening - Keep up the good work!

4/1/03 @ 8:54:45 P.M.
Name: Larry
Comment: Irene,

Great job with the web site. We've been in Montreal for 36 years and are moving back to the area to build our retirement home and be back with all our friends. I'm sure we're not the only ones moving back home. Maybe it could be of interest to include a new section on the web site listing folks who come back home. "Welcome Home" could be a possible new section. As part of my many Marketing and Marketing Communications functions over the years was the introduction, development and strategic positioning of our Company's Internet and Intranet sites.
You might wish to take a peek at www.harris.com a 2 Billion $ international corporation. keep up the good work.

3/31/03 @ 7:24:42 P.M.
Name: bill nichol
Comment: Well done, great shots.

3/27/03 @ 8:01:56 P.M.
Name: Danielle-Lise Guitard
Comment: I am from Atholville N-B Irene i just love what u did with the Restigouche Netit is just beautiful all the nice picture u got on and the games every thing is just out of this world i go on this site every DAy GOOD Luck IRENE and thank again

3/18/03 @ 1:44:19 P.M.
Name: Françoise Daigle
Comment: Salut !
Bravo ! Je suis partie de la région il y a presque deux ans. J'apprécie un site qui me garde en contact avec mon chez-nous Canadien.
Bonjour a tous !

3/10/03 @ 1:57:28 P.M.
Comment: I am now living in Barrie Ont., I enjoyed watching the ceremonies of the Canada Games on T.V. and I watch for new pictures and news on your website everyday. Very good work Irene!! Love all the pictures, very nice to look at!!!

3/9/03 @ 4:42:11 P.M.
Name: Sandra MacInnis
Comment: Just ran across this site and it brought back many memories of when i lived in Campbellton. I left a longggg time ago, 68 and joined the military. I am living in Halifax now and miss the beautiful North Shore. Hi to any who remember me

3/8/03 @ 4:59:31 P.M.
Name: Colleen Roy
Comment: Born in Campbellton and now living in Calgary. Enjoy the moments just as we did in 1988. All the best New Brunswick and of course Alberta.

3/7/03 @ 11:12:58 P.M.
Name: Rina Hickey
Comment: Beautiful Pictures!
Keep up the great work!

3/5/03 @ 07:40:40 A.M.
Name: Gisele Bouchard
Comment: Je suis employe des jeux du Canada et je trouve cela formidable. On a des benevoles super et tres bon travaillant. Je vous felicite encore pour le site...c'est formidable. Je travaille au Centre des benevoles et je n'ai pas la chance de voir les evenements et votre site me rejouie! Continuez votre beau travail!

3/4/03 @ 4:42:32 P.M.
Name: Shirley Roy ( Chedore )
Comment: I am originally from Campbellton , and am now living in Ontario in the summer & in Arizona in the winter . I enjoy the site very much . Keep up the good work Irene .

3/4/03 @ 11:20:31 A.M.
Name: Jacques Doiron
Comment: Je suis un benevole a l'arriere qui n'a pas eu de chance de visiter les activites. Votre site me rejouie et je le visite a chaque soir et felicitations et vous nous rendez un grand service.

3/4/03 @ 10:52:09 A.M.
Name: Denise Pitre
Comment: Tres beau!
L'atmosphere est fantastique. C'est plaisant de voir les gens s'amuser.

3/4/03 @ 10:48:31 A.M.
Name: Odette Bellavance
Comment: C'etait vraiment impressionant, formidable.
Felicitations a tous les benevoles de Campbellton et les environs. J'aimerais avoir le cd de souvenir des photos.

3/4/03 @ 10:43:12 A.M.
Name: Gisele Bouchard
Comment: Beau travail!
Tres beau site! Je veux avoir le cd de souvenir des photos.

3/1/03 @ 08:23:12 A.M.
Name: Melissa(Lisa)
Comment: Very exciting to watch little ole Campbellton on tv. I live in Ontario now. It must be a real thrill to take part in this special occasion. Have a great time Campbellton. Nice site as well.

2/28/03 @ 07:04:06 A.M.
Name: Jim Fayle
Comment: Being from Campbellton myself it is nice to see such a great event come to the North Shore.

2/27/03 @ 09:26:33 A.M.
Name: Ginette & Jason Hamilton
Comment: This site is great. We now live in Edmonton so any news from home is good news...Keep up the good work. Those pictures of home and the Games are the best thing we can see.

2/26/03 @ 10:56:25 P.M.
Name: Kathryn & Barry Day
Comment: The site looks wonderful. We live in Australia but Kathryn is a native of Campbellton and thinks the site is a nice piece of home.

Kathryn & Barry Day
Comment: The site looks wonderful. We live in Australia but Kathryn is a native of Campbellton and thinks the site is a nice piece of home.

2/26/03 @ 08:15:38 A.M.
Name: Rolande Audet
Comment: Merci beaucoup pour le beau site. Meme loin je peut voir les images de chez-nous

2/23/03 @ 6:21:48 P.M.
Name: Robert
Comment: Great Web site, that is updated often. I love the pictures of the Canada Games etc. they are gona rock, even though we had a major snow/ice storm today!! Great site

2/17/03 @ 2:12:12 P.M.
Name: Elaine Sharpe
Comment: Very nice site.Enjoy viewing it.

2/3/03 @ 11:03:55 A.M.
Name: Heather Wood Comment: This site is a god send to me. I stumbled upon it last night and thank god I did. I haven't been home for close to a year, and I am literally * ill* with lonesomeness. Restigouche.net has eased that feeling somewhat. The photo gallery is truly amazing, in fact , the whole site is fantastic. Keep up the excellent work and from one very extremely homesick Canuck, thank you thank you thank you !!

2/3/03 @ 03:21:58 A.M.
Comment: tres bon site,surpris de la qualité

1/31/03 @ 11:28:55 A.M.
Name: Carrie Reinsborough
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful website! I'm from Dalhousie, now in Ottawa and I check this site everyday! I especially enjoy the surprise of looking at the 'Picture of the Day'...it brings a smile to my face to see familiar sites on a daily basis! Thanks for keeping us 'out-of-towners' up-to-date and close to Restigouche County.

1/28/03 @ 4:58:17 P.M.
Name: Wilma Welsh
Comment: Congratulations. It is good to learn abut the Restigouche. I was born in Black Lands.

1/28/03 @ 1:44:26 P.M.
Name: marguerite morris
Comment: Great job Irene! I come to your site about every other day, just love the section about genealogy and all the old pictures,Keep up the good work!

11/20/03 @ 06:14:26 A.M.
Name: Richard St-Denis
Comment: Très beau site Richard Ste Julie

11/20/03 @ 01:36:23 A.M.
Name: Michael Charlong
Comment: Well done, Campbellton just a click away.

1/21/03 @ 2:51:55 P.M.
Name: Patrick and Sandra
Comment: We lived in Campbellton in the 80's and still think it is a wonderful place, hope to come back for a visit one day. Can you let me know when the games are being held. Thanks Patrick

1/20/03 @ 9:30:47 P.M.
Name: Chuck
Comment: I love your site, it reminds me of my youth when I grew up in Campbellton (1939 to 1959)

1/19/03 @ 4:03:35 P.M.
Name: Roger Ellsworth
Comment: nice to be able to drop in to see whats happening in the home town

1/15/03 @ 8:12:56 P.M.
Name: Charlene
Comment: I love yourSite ..IM fr down home Atholville and i love even thing that you have gotten on it so far and keep up the good Work your fr Charlene

1/6/03 @ 10:12:11 P.M.
Name: Claudette Steeves
Comment: I grew up in Campbellton and miss it very much. Still have all my family there. Wish I could be there with everyone! Hi to everyone! Miss HOME very much!!!

1/4/02 @ 7:20:24 P.M.
Name: Annette Allain
Comment: I visit your site almost every day. I really enjoy it.I have told all my friends, even the ones out of town. But I wish more people would send in more recipes. Best whishes for the new year.

1/2/02 @ 3:46:37 P.M.
Name: sheldon malley (mallet)
Comment: born eel river crossing now in laval que CANADA will always be a new brunswicker great site.merci!

1/1/02 @ 5:55:33 P.M.
Name: Kerry E. Price
Comment: Happy New Year!
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the RestigoucheNet site. It is a great way for me living here in Toronto, to keep in touch with Campbellton and area. Keep up the good work!

12/31/02 @ 9:05:31 P.M.
Name: Donna M. Legacy
Comment: Great site.

12/31/02 @ 7:25:57 P.M.
Name: Paulette Steeves
Comment: Good work on this site, I have passed it on to various people that are living away.

12/24/02 @ 8:53:06 P.M.
Name: Lucille Chesser
Comment: very interesting site

12/23/02 @ 12:47:06 P.M.
Name: sylvain lapointe
Comment: (no comment)

12/18/02 @ 09:39:48 A.M.
Name: Richard Gauthier
Comment: website is great for me as I am a former Campbelltonian and I can keep up on what is happening back home. Tks

12/10/02 @ 1:55:37 P.M.
Name: Glenn Day
Comment: Great Site Keep up the good work. Glad to see somebody took the Job on Thanks for all the hard work

12/9/02 @ 7:58:55 P.M.
Name: bruce johnson
Comment: Hello all. I,AM FROM CTON, . but moved to toronto many years ago.But it is so nice to check in on nb net and see the great pics , and read the latest news. thanks to all involved in making this site possibal. thank you . Bruce J OHNSON

12/8/02 @ 1:28:43 P.M.
Name: cindy girard
Comment: milles merci a toute ma parentée et au amies de la reserve l'ors du dècée de ma mère Magarite vicaire, pour leurs paroles reconfortantes milles merci du font du coeur.

12/6/02 @ 11:48:58 A.M.
Name: Ida LaBillois-Montour
Comment: Greetings! Moved away thirty years ago.This site is clearly a labour of love.Enjoying it for the news from C'ton but would like to see some news on Listuguj. Keep up the excellent work!

12/5/02 @ 05:35:17 A.M.
Name: Suzanne Mealey
Comment: Hi. I'm originally from Charlo, now living in Labrador, and visit the site every week to catch up with the news. I love all the photography on the site & of course Mike Lushington's articles. Keep up the good work.

11/27/02 @ 11:15:36 A.M.
Name: Michel R. Allard
Comment: Interessant, plaisant, je vais m`en servir de temps en temps

11/26/02 @ 01:15:49 A.M.
Name: Amy woods
Comment: Hi again just correcting my e-mail address!!

11/25/02 @ 6:56:21 P.M.
Name: Tim Woods
Comment: Very nice to be able to keep in touch with what is happening in the region

11/22/02 @ 11:35:01 P.M.
Name: Amy Woods
Comment: I just qwanted to say that since I moved to vancouver I really appreciate the beauty of things more and I have to say that the Restigouche is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Also a quick hello to Molly Arpin my pre-school teacher!!

11/20/02 @ 11:26:10 A.M.
Name: Bill Disbrow
Comment: Thanks for the opportunity of seeing whats going on at HOME

11/19/02 @ 2:51:15 P.M.
Name: Bart Firth
Comment: Excellent Site!

11/19/02 @ 2:40:09 P.M.
Name: Chantal LeBlanc
Comment: Hi from Ottawa. I look at restigouchenet everyday to get the news. I'm originaly from C'ton but now live in Ottawa, so it's nice to see pictures, news etc from home.
Cheers and keep up the good work.

11/10/02 @ 3:55:17 P.M.
Name: bruce johnson
Comment: i,am from cton. n. b. and i visit the nb net every day to read the news thanks for being there.it brings back a lot of memories. thanks again.

11/8/02 @ 1:14:10 P.M.
Name: Jennifer Guitard
Comment: I'm a former resident of Dalhousie currently living in Dartmouth NS. I've been checking in on this site for some time now, it's great to see an up-to-date site for the north shore! Keep it up!

11/7/02 @ 9:56:32 P.M.
Name: John Reinsborough
Comment: Enjoyed your site very much. Will be visiting again.

11/6/02 @ 09:46:42 A.M.
Name: Irene Doyle
Comment: Welcome to the new RestigoucheNET Guestbook. Please leave your authograph as your comments are important to us. Thank you for your visit and please bookmark us and come again. Bienvenue au tout nouveau livre d'or de RestigoucheNET. Merci de votre visite et revenez nous souvent, mais avant de partir svp laissez nous votre signature et/ou commentaires.