Apparently these men would have been the executive members of the Naval Main Brace. What was thought to be an "L" for Legion or Lion's Club on the crest is an Anchor.

In the back row, 2nd from the left is Joe Coughlan.

Front Row: (left-to-right)

Ben Savoie (wife still lives on Renault St. in C'ton), William (Bill) Fraser (former Manager of the old Memorial Gardens, Connie Roy (wife still resides on Patterson St.).

Back Row: (left-to-right)

(??), (??), Charles Gilbert, Paul Bouchard of Bouchard Furriers, (??), (?? But I believe he was a weatherman), Allie Lee (son Billy still lives in Campbellton), (?? But it is not Albert Brooks).

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Second row (left to right) Earl Charlong, Joe Coughlan, Charles Gilbert, Paul Bouchard, Tim Cabot, Emery Sonier, Allie Lee, *unknown* (Albert Brooks ??)

Front row: (Seated) L to R: Ben Savoie, Bill Fraser and Connie Roy

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Gerry St.Laurent is standing on the extreme right. Lived in Tide Head. Worked Pulp Mill in Athol. Died a few years ago.
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