Class B2 Normal School 1910
Recognize anyone ? If so, please send me a message through the form provided below. These young girls are probably from all across the province. They were usually around 17 or 18 when they attended Normal School so they were probably all born around 1896-97 or so... So their children should still be alive around somewhere ?
This photo was too large to scan in one piece so it was scanned in two parts and posted here as such..
You can list the names and match them to the photo if that helps..

Here are the names listed at the bottom of the photo

Back row:
L. Styles, N. Leiper, E. West, F. McDevitt, A. Andrew, D. Shaw, A. Marshall, G. Robinson, P. Howe, M. McCormick, M. Shaw.

Second row from back:
E. Simpson, B. Johnson, V. Kennie, A. Snyder, M. Matheson, G. Matheson, F.Morris, G. Tebous, L. Sharpe, T. Ivory, L. McLelland.

Third row from back:
M. Murchie, G. Morgan, S. Haslem, V. Hawkins, E. Mersereau, S. Rickard, C. McQuarrie, H. Jonah, B. Mollock, D. Saunders, M. Russell.

Second row from front:
M. Prescott, P. Sherwood, S. Ray, E. Mills, S. McDonald, G.A. Inch, Dr. Bridges, A.S. McFarlane, R. Inch, M. Howell, C. Reade, L. Henderson, H. Sharp.

Front row:
M. MacDonald, N. Larsen, H. Robinson, L. MacGregor, H. Murphy, P. Steeves, A. Marsten, H. Mewcombe, N. Power, N. Ringuette, E. MacLean.

I was sent a possible identification of N. Leiper, she could be Nettie Estella Leiper, b. 28 Jul 1892, Carsonville, Kings Co., NB, daughter of John Andrew Leiper and Alwilda Martha Parlee. She later married Ernest Cowie Robinson in 1920 and had at least 3 children. A son, John Robinson still lives in Sussex. Nettie died 9 March 1969.

Can anyone maybe back this up or know her son in Sussex ?