Teachers from Campbellton High School 1939

Only one man on this picture first top left is known as being Mr. Ronald Aubé of Richardsville
he was a shop teacher.

I am told the other men may be Mr. Sterling Walls (who apparently passed away just a few months ago (Feb.2000) and Roy Milburn (1899-1963) last man on the right back row.

Well now thanks to Alice McKiel with the help of Glen McKenzie, here are some of the people who are on this picture:
Front Row: First on the right-V necked,buttons,solid coloured dress-Genieve Ethier- Commercial teacher
Center-dark dress-Corrine Harquail-
Back Row:Fourth on the right Lena Carten (this one from Phyllis MacMillan) Back Row:Third on the right-light blousey sleeves-Bessie McKinnon
Second on the right-dark dress-Catherine (Poppy) MacNaughton

First Row: first girl on the left= Maxine Millican (this one from Phyllis MacMillan)