The following email received this past week, has helped identify all the boys on this photo. Thanks Kathryn.

My name is Kathryn(Barclay)LeBlanc. I can name most of the boys in one of your photos:

Back Row,L to R. Marquis Southgate, Richie Mayhew, Walter Henderson, Nestur(?)Bopucher,Delphis Berthlote, Ernest Walsh, and Arthur Duggin

Standing,second row from backL. to R. Henry Comeau, Joe Miller, Lloyd Cole, William(Bill)Barclay, Jack Wood, Joe Delaney, John Shalala, Frank Leslie, Morse Hickey

Sitting,third row from back R. Ralph Campbell, Harry Simpson, Colin Pope, ......Smith, Waldo Tulk, ......Harrison, Marcel Ouellette, Kenneth Cambon

Front Row: Harry Walters,Ralph McLean, Bill Knapp, Tommy Henry, Wilfred Vick, Allison Pollock

Kenneth Cambon was a close friend of Bill's, and he wrote the book "Guest of Hirohito" of which I have a copy.