Gerrard family Information on the GERRARD FAMILIES OF RESTIGOUCHE

The information I have gathered here about the Gerrard family is not a family tree. It is births, deaths, marriage records taken from local church records. It is information taken from the Canada Census (1851 to 1891) or any other info I found in my history books, newspapers etc.

A complete family tree of this family can be found in my second book "Campbellton's Family Album" Volume Two.

If you should find any errors please don't growl at me I am only copying what I found in other sources I am not taking it out of the blue. Some family kept records some didn't and the ones who did sometimes did not have the same records than the church did on names or dates so go figure and who do you believe the church or the family member who entered it in a Family Bible or who passed it on from one generation to another from memory?? I'm not sure ... but I use the Church records it is the only ones I have.

Erected by Sarah BUSTEED (his wife)
of Aberdeenshire NB (North Britain) Scotland who was collector oh H.M.'s Custom at Ristigouche for 24 years, died Nov. 25/1832 aged 60 yrs They had at least one son born Nov. 13/1810 by name of Ebenezer

Ebenezer GERRARD
Age 34, son of Adam Gerrard and Sarah BUSTEED living with John Gerrard and Jane in 1851. he is living with William Duncan and Elizabeth GERRARD in 1861 and is listed as age 50, looks like he never married as he is age 60 in 1871 and living with Alexander Duncan and a few other single people. He's present in 1881 (age 70) census still with Alexander Duncan and friends. GERRARD Ebenezer of Tide Head died Mar. 25/1885 aged 75 yrs
In the 1811, Ste Anne of Ristigouche registers Ebenezer, son to Adam Gerrard Esq., of Restigouche and Sarah Busteed his wire. born November l3th.1 1810 and was baptised November 3rd.,1811. Signatures: Adam Gerrard: Sarah Gerrard.

GERRARD Robert A., Scottish, age 33 in 1851, Farmer Fisherman, died Nov. 2/1894 at age 78.
He married Jan. 6/1846, to Mary WATERSON, at her fathers' home in Tide Head, N.B., she is to have entered New Brunswick in 1822 and in 1851 Mary is age 29. She died Feb. 20/1898 at age 77.
In 1851 they have a daughter named Ellen who is age 2 and one named Susan Sarah, age 7 months. Niece Agnes WATERSON living as servant with them is 14 years old
their children:
1) Ellen seems to be called Allison Jane in 1861 and she is age 13 , she married William ANDREW on Sept.27/1871 when she is listed as being age 21.
2) Agnes is age 6 in 1861 and 15 in 1871, so probably born 1855
3) Mina William is age 4 in 1861 and in 1871 she is called Wilhemina and is age 13
4) Annabella age 1 in 1861 and age 10 in 1871
5) Thomas is age 9 in 1871 and Ida age 5 in 1871.

d/o Robert A and Mary WATERSON, married Robert YOUNG. In 1891 census, Robert is age 37 and a Railway employee, Agnes is 38 and they have the following children:
William who is 11
John age 9
Mary age 8, born Feb. 3/1883
Ray born same year(7/12)(July)

Mary YOUNG, daughter of Robert YOUNG and AGNES GERRARD, born Feb. 3/1883, married William Fraser Dorward in Campbellton on June 30/1906 and they had the following children: Mary Isobel DORWARD born June 3/1907 in Campbellton Ken born around 1910 Mary DORWARD married Carleton Alexander GARVIN July 27/1929 in Ogdensburg, New York, USA and had twin boys. Kenneth Garry and David Edward born in Brockville Ontario. Kenneth Garry married Barbara Ann Ray in 1961 and a son was born by name of Gregory John Garvin

Mina (Whilhemina) GERRARD
Age 34, d/o Robert GERRARD and Mary WATERHOUSE (WATERSON) of Tide Head, married Nov. 18/1891, to Sadall CARTER age 37 of Bathurst, s/o Charles T. CARTER and Ann HAMILTON.

GERRARD John, in 1851 John is age 43 , a farmer and a fisherman wife Jane is age 36, (she died within 12 months of the 1871 census, at age 55) they are listed as being Scotish and they had the following children:
1) ..Mary who is 13 in 1851,she married Thomas McCURDY on Oct 2/1866
2) ..Robert D. is age 8 in 1851 and 19 in 1861, he is 27 in 1871 and he married Mary MURRAY
3) ..Isabella who is age 6 in 1851 and she's 25 in 1871
4) ..George is age 4 in 1851 and he's 23 in 1871
5) ..Ellen (Helen) is age 2 in 1851 and 20 in 1871
6) ..Margaret is age 9 in 1861 and 18 in 1871 she married Ashcroft McPHELAN Jan. 20/1877
7) ..Florence is age 6 in 1861 and 15 in 1871

In 1871, John is a widower, he is still alive in 1881 aged 72 and living with his son Robert and wife Mary Murray. GERRARD Jane M. wife of John Gerrard died Jan. 8/1871 aged 55 yrs their son Charles M. died Oct. 18/1859 aged 4 months

Robert D.GERRARD, son of John Gerrard and Jane, was born in 1841 and died in 1925, he married Mary MURRAY d/o Simon and Catherine BRESLIN (1855-1910)
In 1881 they have one son John Archibald Gerrard born that year.
In 1891 they have the following children:
Archie who is age 11
Henry age 9
Murray age 6.

In the Campbellton Rural Cemetary;
Robert GERRARD 1841-1925 and Mary MURRAY 1855-1910, have the following children buried with them,
Alma M. (1897-1947)
Jessie M. (1883-1936)
S. Murray (1885-1953)

Robert and Mary also had a son named George Harry GERRARD who was a trackman on the railroad, he married at age 32 on June 26/1914, by license at Campbellton, to Teresa (Tessie) CALLAGHAN (she was 17) d/o John Callaghan and Annie TALBOT of Maple Green, NB. their son Allan GERRARD died in Woking Surrey England during the war in 1944.

BARCLAY Thomas, age 48, in the 1851 census, he's listed as age 60 in 1861 and 71 in 1871. Scotish, date of entry to New Brunswick, 1819, born Jan. 1800, died June 19/1877, his wife Sarah GERRARD age 38 in 1851 is listed as being a widow in 1881, and she died Nov. 21/1897 age 87 yrs. Thomas and Sarah were married Oct. 16/1834 and had the following children:
Albert (Robert) age 12 in 1851
Thomas (1840-1913) he married Christina HOAR (1847-1920)
Emely (Helen) 9 in 1851
Elizabeth 7 in 1851 and 27 in 1871
John 5 in 1851 and 24 in 1871
James 3 in 1851 and 22 in 1871
William age 10 in 1861


Age 32 in 1851 and age 49 in 1861 living with brother James S. Gerrard and wife Ellen. In 1851 he's listed as servant living with Thomas Barclay and Sarah Gerrard. Thomas is still living with Barclays in 1871 and age 56.. He died Apr. 2/1901 at age 82 yrs..
GERRARD Thomas of Tide Head, died Apr. 2/1901 aged 82 yrs

CHRISTOPHER James, age 34 in 1851, British, Farmer and lumberer, married Sarah GERRARD, Aug. 11/1846 who was listed as being age 26 in 1851, and Scottish, they had the following children:
1)..James age 4,
2)..John age 2
3)..Infant of 2 months

They also have Isabella DUFF age 18 as a servant living with them in 1851. In 1861 Sarah is listed as "Widow Christopher" at age 38.

James GERRARD, age 55 in 1851, born Oct. 29/1796, died Sept. 18/1865 , Scottish, married to Ellen (Helen) DUNCAN who was born May 8/1792 died Sept. 13/1874 (at age 82) she is listed as being 58 in 1851.
They had following children:
James Jr., born May 9/1825 and died Aug. 9/1916
David Duncan born ca.1832, died Nov. 7/1894 at age 63 yrs

GERRARD James Jr., who was born May 9/1825 and is listed as having died Aug. 9/1916 in the Campbellton Rural Cemetery. In the Old Athol House records it says James Jr. died in 1886. (which I would believe would be the good date as he is not listed in the 1891 census). He married Jane ADAMS who was born Oct. 23/1836 and died Jan. 1/1918.
In the 1881 census he is age 52, and Jane is 44, they have for children:
Margaret E age 18,
Elizabeth E age 15,
James H age 13 and
Peter A age 5.

In 1891 Jane is a widow with the following children:
1)..Herbert J. 22 (died 1922),
2)..M. Evelyn 27,
3)..Elizabeth Helen 24,
4)..Peter Allan 15..

Peter Allan GERRARD son of James and Jennie Adams of Campbellton, shingle man, married on June 24/1903, at age 27, to Margaret Jessie Firth age 26, d/o William Firth and Mary Firth of Glencoe. Elizabeth Helen GERRARD age 26, d/o James and Jennie Adams of Campbellton, married Apr. 5/1892, to Charles W. Adams age 27, son of Melvin Adams and M. Dixon.

M. Evelyn GERRARD age 31, d/o James and Jennie Adams of Campbellton, married Dec. 20/1893 to John A. Oatman age 30 of Kempt Rd., s/o George Oatman and Violet Rae.

David Duncan GERRARD son of James and Ellen DUNCAN was 18 in 1851, he is 30 in 1861 and 39 in 1871 he died Nov. 7/1894 at age 63 yrs. So he would have been born around 1831. He married Nov. 1/1866, Helen BARCLAY who was born 1842, and died 1930, and they have these children in 1871:

Marjory age 3 (1866-1924)
Robert age 1 was born in 1870 and he died 1940. He married Catherine GIRDWOOD who was born in 1822 and died in 1955.
** Helen (probably his mother) is living with them and she is age 79 in 1871.. **

GERRARD James son of David and Helen Barclay buried in Old Athol House cemetery
GERRARD David son of David and Helen (William) Barclay died Aug. 16/1874 infant child.


Age 30 in 1851 (49 in 1871), (farmer Campbellton) born Sept. 20/1821 died July 2/1887 aged 56 yrs) and wife Euphemia (Minie) Andrew age 25 in 1851 (43 in 1871)
Was living with James Gerrard and wife Helen, in 1851 and also an adopted girl: Annabella Clark age 15. John and Euphimia Andrew were married March 28/1850, had in 1861:

1) Albert James age 10 (20 in 1871) (in 1881 he's a brakeman for the I.C.R.)
2) John Duncan Jr., 9 (18 in 1871) (in 1881 he's a joiner)
3) Emily Jane 6 (16 in 1871) (married Charles W. Murray Feb 25/1874)
4) Sarah Helen 3 (also 16 in 1871)
5) Allan Andrew 1 (10 in 1871) (in 1881 was a fisherman)

and in 1871 they also have
6) Minnie age 8
7) William age 5 (in 1881 he's a fisherman and a student age 15).

Adam GERRARD Age 45 in 1851 servant, living with John Adams a 53 yr old widower.. He is still living with them in 1861 (age 54) and is listed as cousin. He's living with Adam Duncan in 1871 (age 64). In 1881 he is listed as age 76 and a servant to John and Catherine Jardine who were InnKeepers.
William DUNCAN age 63 in 1861, married to Elizabeth GERRARD age 61 in 1861, they had the following children:
Helen age 35
Alexander 33
Marjory Jane 27
Sarah Gerrard 25
Christina 23
Archibald 24
Arthur James 21
David 39

David DUNCAN , 39 years old in 1861, he married Margaret Ann MOTT, Apr. 2/1857, and in 1861 they have two children:
William David age 3
Margaret Gordon age 6 months)

Alexander DUNCAN In 1871, he is age 41, still not married and living with some other members of his family such as: Archibald who is age 33, Marjory is 39, Sarah is 37, Christina is 35. Ebenezer GERRARD who is now age 60 is living with them and so is Arthur DUNCAN who is 30

GERRARD Allan A. Of C'ton NB s/o John D. married Eliza P. DICKSON d/o George farmer of Broadlands on July 7/1885

GERRARD Murray 27 yrs old, of Tide Head NB married Marguerite Bessie CHAMBERLAIN 28 yrs. of Pointe a la Garde Sept. 24/1912

Sarah J. GERRARD Age 21, d/o John GERRARD and Alice VERDUN, born Gaspe, P.Q., living in Campbellton, married July 9/1906, to Philip J. ADAMS age 24, born Gaspe, P.Q., living in Campbellton, son of Abraham ADAMS and Susan GERRARD.

R. Allison GERRARD Born 1917, his wife Freda M. STEVES and their son born 1959 Brian Murray died 1959.

M. Jean GERRARD born 1918, married to Merlin A. PARKS (1913-1981)

Mary Delphine GERRARD married Apr.26/1872, Mathew DEMPSEY at Blackpoint

Nancy GERRARD Married March 14/1850, John HASSARD both of Addington parish.

Robert Duncan GERRARD Married Mary MURRAY b: Jun 6, 1855 , father: Simon Murray , Mother: Catherine Breslin
John Archibald [Archie] GERRARD b: Sep 23, 1880 in Tidehead, NB
Simon Murray [Murray] GERRARD b: Oct 26, 1885 in Tidehead, NB
Harry GERRARD (married Tess or Theresa Callaghan)

GERRARD Dorothy Dorcas d/o George Thomas and Muriel (Irvine) Mann Settlement b. Oct. 4/1947 GERRARD Allan A. of Campbellton NB s/o John D. married Eliza P. DICKSON d/o George farmer of Broadlands on July 7/1885 GERRARD Murray Age 27 yrs of Tide Head NB married Marguerite Bessie CHAMBERLAIN aged 28 yrs. of Pointe a la Garde, P.Q. on Sept. 24/1912

Deeds of the Restigouche Boom Company,from the Dalhousie Regional Museum
D-3-THOMAS BARCLAY to Restigouche Boom Company release from damages to fishing, shore or other rights on Parts of Lots #3 & 4, Tier One, West of Old Church Point, Tide Head, N. B., Release dated Aug. 18, 1910 P. 42
RESTIGOUCHE LOG DRIVING & BOOM COMPANY to Restigouche Riparian Assoc. sold undivided half interest in Thomas Barclay release. Deed dated Dec. 14, 1912 P. 42-A
D-10 - ROBERT D. GERRARD to Restigouche Log Driving & Boom Co. Fishing, Riparian & other rights on westerly part of Lot #4, Tier One, West of Old Church Point, 30 Rods wide, Deed dated Oct. 25, 1913 P. 43
RESTIGOUCHE LOG DRIVING & BOOM COMPANY to Restiqouche Riparian Assoc. sold undivided half interest re Robert D. Gerrard Prop. Deed dated March 31, 1914 P. 43-A

Mrs GERRARD died (1843) near Campbellton, aged 66 yrs Restigouche, Sept. 11/1843, died at the residence of John GERRARD Mrs John ADAMS, relict of the late John ADAMS

Elizabeth CHRISTOPHER Married Sept. 13/1838 Thomas MURRAY

Ellen Elizabeth CHRISTOPHER at Tide Head ,Aug.30/1873, married William Henry SMITH, (Adopted son of Robert and Mary DUNCAN, aged 12 in 1861). Witnesses are Jane CHRISTOPHER and David D. GERRARD.. William Henry is age 36 in 1881 census with wife ElLen Elizabeth age 26 and they have following children:
Robert Duncan Smith age 6
Grace Isabell age 4
Sarah Helen age 1

Could it be same girl who married twice or there were two Elizabeth Christopher or was there three ? In 1861 census James and Mary Ann Christopher of Newfoundland, are aged 85 and 87 yrs old, their daughter Jane married John Gillis and Eliza married Henry Downs ?? a third one maybe ?

Adam GERRARD born May 16/1827 died Feb.22/1831.

Duncan, Alexander Adam b. 27 Jan 1829; bap. 28 Jun 1830 s/o William & Elizabeth (Gerard) of Ristigouche, NB


GERRARD from the Provincial Archive's Online Land Grant Data base
Marriages of Restigouche County 1888-1919
Marriages of Restigouche County 1838-1878
Northside of the Restigouche registers by Rev. James Stevens
Old Athol House Cemetery stones
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