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Pictures such as these are treasures in our collections of genealogy and history. When visiting this picture of stars of 1913, notice how many of these young men, were dead a few years later due to them having enlisted. Sad to see such number of young people who never got a chance to live so we could live on in peace.

Here for you to identify or add some history to are some more pictures of New Brunswick. Should you find out you know someone and know of their family, please send me the info and if you want to save a copy of the pictures, just click your right mouse, click on "save image as" and tell your computer where to save it to.

**NEW**St L Hockey Team? **NEW**Camp on the Restigouche ?  
Can You Guess? Ristigouche 1928 Class Guitarist?
Bride & Groom? Group of Men Wedding Party?
1919 Benjamin River, NB? James Bolton Lion's Club?
Ladies Auxiliary Antoine Bernier Ltd. Military at Station?
Antique Vase Normal School 1926-7 Normal School Teacher
Dalhousie Lumber Ltd Mill Employees 1908 ICR Employees Normal School 1926 Basketball
Two unknowns James Craig Couple taken at Climo, Saint John, N.B.
Drake Photo 5 Pictures of Schoolkids 1918 Grads
World War 2 soldiers? C'ton Teachers? Dryden/Dickie Family
Loggers 3 gents ? GrandPa Whitehead ?
Travers +? Restigouche Hunters? Normal School 1921 Basketball
Restigouche Lumbermen? WW1 NorthShore Batt? Moffat's Mill employees Dalhousie
Harquail employees? A day's Catch! 1890 Class C'ton
1890 Class C'ton Miscou Class
of 1918
Camping ground somewhere?
J.F.Darwall ? Vienneau/Chamberlain/Bathurst 1900's? Normal School Teacher
Frederick Godin / Anastasia Russell?? maybe
Gorgeous Fisherman Mill Employees
Men in Camp 1910
Mill Employees ? Anyone Know?
Road (Way) of the Cross? Unknown Soldiers 1910 Normal School One
1910 Normal School Two Woodsmen One Sis O'Hearn?
Unknown Soldiers Woodsmen Two Normal School 1926-7
Normal School 1926-7 Normal School 1926-7 Normal School 1921 Basketball

You will find other photos here, mostly military ones which need identifying
Other old photos can be found here

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